How We Can Work Together


Dissertation Proposal Solution

The Dissertation Proposal Solution is a 4-month coaching program with a mixture of video lessons, tasks, and hands-on support that help you get this dissertation proposal done. You’ll get personalized time to ask questions and make sure you’re getting it. You’ll be fully supported throughout the dissertation proposal process.

$1497 or 10 payments of $169

Writing retreat

Writing is never just writing. It’s working through all the other stuff life throws at you so that you can have the energy and space to focus on your writing. The retreat will provide plenty of quiet writing time, but we’ll also create space for you to talk with and learn from other retreat attendees. In sessions with other attendees, there will be a lot of dialogue about your work - thoughtful questions, brainstorming, peer review and feedback, etc. Join Dr. Marvette Lacy in Chicago, Illinois on Sunday, November 24th - Wednesday, November 27th for 4 days of time, space, and support for writing and productivity.




Write Away

Write Away is a weekly writing accountability group designed to give you uninterrupted time for writing in a supportive group environment. We meet on Sundays at 4 pm - 7 pm EST and Wednesdays at 7 pm - 10 pm EST. (Please be sure to check your timezone.) You can cancel at any time. You will be responsible for the current month but will not be charged for future payments after cancellation.


90 Day Dissertation Challenge

The 90 Day Dissertation Challenge: #TheLast90Days: I’m a huge fan of Rachel Hollis who hosts The Last 90 Days challenge. I’m doing my own version to help you finally finish that dissertation (or whatever section you’re on in your dissertation). This 90-day challenge will help you get focused, hold you accountable, and take action towards your goals. You will receive a weekly email complete with tips and motivation. Plus, every month we will meet to get refocused on our goals and you can even get FREE coaching.