You keep finding all of these articles and chapters only to get so lost in the reading and research that there is often no energy to actually write the review.

Here’s the truth: Seems like you may need to do more reading to know exactly what to write; however, reading is the very thing keeping you from making progress.

Most people will tell you to read because it sounds like you are not clear on your topic. For them, reading seems to be the logical answer to helping you become clear.

I don’t want you to keep wasting your time, though.

Writing is the only thing that is going to help you become clear.

I’m here to help.



BRAIN DUMP: You will identify a topic to begin with. This activity will stop the overwhelm and clear your mind. The information from this exercise will help you with your entire dissertation project.

FIND ARTICLES: Reviewing the literature can be an overwhelming process. We start with a small number of articles to get our feet wet in the existing literature. This activity will help clarify your topic.

WRITE AND REVIEW: Writing is the ultimate goal of this workshop. You will have a first draft that you will be able to get feedback on to help you move forward in the process.

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Workshop (Video)

When you sign up for the workshop, you will receive access to the video. You are able to watch this video as much as you need to finish the workshop. Additionally, the slides are available as a PDF download. 

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Workbook (PDF)

You will also receive a PDF workbook to help you follow along with the video. This workbook provides prompts to help you complete each of the activities inside of the workshop.