Get ready to finally finish your dissertation.


Most doctoral students have a difficult time getting through the dissertation process. I have a framework that helps you clarify your writing process so you can actually complete your dissertation without the overwhelm and confusion.


Dissertation Coaching

Writing a dissertation does not have to be difficult. It can be simple, even enjoyable. Let me help you clear the overwhelm, make a plan of action, and finish that dissertation so you can graduate and become DOCTOR. 

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Qual Scholars Group

The Qual Scholars is a group scholars here to provide you with support and accountability. Be among the first to learn about free opportunities, updates, and other resources that I only share through this group.

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Weekly Resources

Looking for help with a specific topic? The blog is regularly updated with helpful information to learn about qualitative research design, writing, and productivity hacks all to help you finish that dissertation.

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Finish Your Dissertation

The ultimate planning tool will help you map out your entire proposal and create a plan to finish it in 12 weeks! In less time than it takes you to make a cup of noodles, you can be on your way to finishing a draft of your dissertation.


“Dr. Lacy truly meets you where you are and offers feedback based on your own personal needs. She is extremely detailed and very responsive. It was a joy to work with her!”

— Dr. Shaquinta Richardson


You’re Running Out of Time!

What if you knew exactly what you needed to do and how to actually finish that dissertation? What if you felt motivated every time you sat down to write? Learn how by clicking the button below!