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5 Reasons Why You Won't Finish The Dissertation

Every day, as you scroll through your newsfeed and timeline, you see friends, classmates, and cohort members defending and graduating while you just seem stuck in the same place. You think to yourself, “How could you have started at the same place but not end at the same place? What am I doing with my life? Why isn’t that me?” You start to get stuck in your head and feel even less motivated to work on that dissertation. Here’s the thing: the reason you haven’t finish your dissertation has NOTHING to do with how smart you are. You have a strong idea of what you should be doing, getting it done is another thing. Today, I will be sharing with you five reasons why you haven’t finish your dissertation.

Will You Finish? 4 Beliefs You Need to Finish Your Dissertation.

You’re smart. You’ve made it into a doctoral program. Beasted coursework... albeit some days it got a bit rough. You may even have some publications and presented at all the conferences. So, why can’t you figure out this dissertation thing? The thing no one tells you is that your confusion or lack of process is not entirely your fault. Think about it...your courses may have helped you think about potential research topics. There are some things that are your responsibility and in your control right now that you are putting off. These things will definitely continue to stall you. And that’s what I’m going to share with you.

Your Dissertation Should Not Be Your Best Work

The truth is, you don’t have all the answers and nor should you have all the answers. The dissertation is a learning activity designed for you to demonstrate your understanding of the research process. Are you able to design, complete, and write up a research project? Once you have demonstrated that you are able to do that then you can be called a doctor.

How to Set Clear Writing Goals

There’s so much going on in the brain that prevents our fingers from typing away at the keyboard. We have insecurities. Other pressing things that need our attention.  Writing can seem like the most difficult thing to do. Especially, when it comes to the dissertation. I will share with you how to plan to get the most out of your writing time.