My Model For Helping You

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Ready to be doctor?

Maybe you’re at the beginning of your dissertation proposal, maybe you’re trying to figure out analysis, or you just have to write that discussion chapter.

Either way, I can help you!

Here is typically how working one-on-one with me goes.

30-minute call: We talk about you and where you are in the process of writing. You tell me about your struggles, barriers to success, and your goals. I provide some questions and strategies for you to consider as you move forward. I also explain the different packages that I offer and what I think would be best for you based on the information you provided. If you decide to purchase a package, we go to the next step. If not, no harm done. You most likely will still get some clarity from the call.

Welcome Package: Once payment is received, a welcome email is sent to your inbox that includes all types of goodies. You get a personalized plan that outlines your goals, action steps, and due dates. You also receive a work agreement that outlines the terms of your package and you get information about how to get in contact with me when needed.

1:1 Coaching Session: These 30 minutes coaching sessions will take place online and are recorded so that you can refer back to them when needed. We spend the time going over that week’s assignments, any feedback I’ve provided, verbally process anything about your project, and I answer any remaining questions that you may have.

Check-Ins: In between calls, I like to check in with clients to see how things are going, offer support, and even tough love. This is mostly done through text or emails. The mode of contact is based on your personal preference.

Each month, I open up coaching for 5 new clients. Spots are available for August if you’re interested.

Sign up for your 30-minute coaching call here: