A Clear Plan For Writing Your Dissertation.


Reclaim your time.

Make serious progress without spending all of your time reading and writing.


Feel at ease.

Feel confident knowing that you have a plan that tells you exactly how to finish your proposal.


Enjoy the process.

Stay on top of your writing goals while living your best doctoral student life.


Marvette Lacy, PhD

You can finish your dissertation proposal without the sleepless nights, constant fatigue, or overwhelming confusion.

Like you, I was also frustrated with finishing my dissertation (and I did it in 4 months). I understand feeling not good enough, scared of not finishing, and confused with how to get it all done. I care about you and your dissertation. I want to help you finish it so that you can graduate and put those three letters down every time you write your name.

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Working With Dr. Lacy


"Marvette is dope. She is helpful and pushes you without being overwhelming and judgy. She asks good questions that help you clarify your own thoughts. She is well worth the money! I've benefited greatly from working with her."



"She's the absolute truth. In the words of Oprah 'She is the sister everybody would want, she is the friend that everyone deserves. I don't know a better person!'



"If you want to get this done you need to work with Dr. Lacy. She will keep it real with you and give you the feedback that you need to move forward."


"Dr. Marvette has a talent for removing all of the fog surrounding the process and breaking it down into easy and manageable pieces. She also held me accountable which I needed and she was honest with me about my work - which I also needed."