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Are you ready to stop being overworked, overwhelmed, and burnout from school? 

Because all it takes is one day to get off track and keep you behind all semester!


Right now you’re feeling completely lost and overwhelmed by all the things that you have on your plate right now.

Everyone just tells you that you will get through it but they don’t tell you how.

You feel completely stuck because you know that you have a lot to do. More and more continues to pile up on your plate the longer you wait to do something about it.

It doesn’t seem like it should be that difficult to get it all done but when you start, you are trapped in overwhelmed and confusion about where to start.

By Now You’ve Tried To…

  • Take it task by task only to continue to miss deadlines and important dates.
  • Get advice from others but they can’t relate to your life and their organization systems seem too difficult and time-consuming to implement.
  • You see other women who seem to know exactly what they want and have it all together. These women seem to get so much done effortlessly and you just can’t seem to figure out how exactly they do it without sacrificing their health and sleep.

By now you know enough about how to be organized (in theory).


You know that by now you should be able to keep up with course assignments, work on different research projects, constantly publish articles, and work on your own original research.

But let’s face it…

The assignments, important dates, research, and publications are just not happening.

If You’re Ready To:

  • Understand the real reasons why you are overworked and burnt out.
  • Stop being busy, overworked, and burnt out.
  • Get clear on your ideal work/life balance by identifying exactly what you want from this school experience.
  • Make yourself and your goals a priority while still getting all of your work done.
  • Be a part of a community of other sista scholars that are there to help and support one another.

Join Me For A 30-Minute Strategy Call

In this session, we will talk one-on-one to figure out why you are feeling overwhelmed and burn out and what you can do to fix it. I will give you personal recommendations on how you get and sustain productivity, health, and peace throughout your educational journey and if and how I can help you.

At the end of this session, you will receive:

  • Clearer understanding of what you want and desire from your life right now
  • Understanding what is causing your overwhelm and burnout
  • Specific strategies to combat the overwhelm and burnout
  • Support and validation that will help sustain you through your program journey

This strategy call is only for those who are committed and ready to do the work to change your life.  In order to be considered, you must completely fill out the application. You will receive a response within 48 hours of submitting the application.

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I look forward to hearing from you soon!