Naturally Surviving: Emmanuel

Name: C. Emmanuel Little

Program: Ph.D., Higher Education Administration, UGA

Year In Program: Year 5 (began in fall 2013)

Where can people find you (website, social media, etc.):

Name: Shamika (Mika) N. Karikari

Program: Student Affairs in Higher Education Ph.D. program at Miami University

Year In Program: 3rd year

Where Can We Find You: @MikaKarikari (Twitter), http://mika-nicole.blogspot.com/

Words To Live By: “When...Read More »

Naturally Surviving: Jillian

Name: Dr. Jillian A. Martin

Program: Ph.D. College Student Affairs Administration

Words of Wisdom:

Read other writers to learn how to write and to help you find your own voice.

Be true to yourself during...Read More »

Naturally Surviving: Nicole

Name: Nicole

Program: Ph.D. Higher Education

Year in Program: 1st year

*information has been changed to protect the identity of this week’s guest

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Naturally Surviving: Lauren

Name: Lauren Harper

Program: Ph.D. Counseling Psychology

Year In Program: 3rd

Where can people find you (website, social media, etc.): Facebook is your best bet! You can find me under Lauren Simone Harper

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How To Write A Research Question

First, figure out:

Topic: What is the general thing you want to talk about?

Problem: What issue will you research address?

Purpose: What will be the point of your research project and how does it connect to the problem?

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Naturally Surviving: TJ

Program: College Student Affairs Administration at UGA
Year In Program: 2nd
Where can people find you (website, social media, etc.): I am TerahJay on any and all social media where I want to be found haha! (Twitter, IG) and theterahjay.com
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