Hey Scholar!

Feeling confused? Lost? Overwhelmed? Maybe even a little afraid?

Have you convinced yourself that you can get it together and finish your dissertation…yet you constantly feel behind and all over the place?

Everyone just tells you that you will get through it but they don’t tell you how.

You feel stuck because you know that you need to make progress on your dissertation.

It doesn’t seem like completing your dissertation should be that difficult, I mean you made it all the way through coursework.

If only you knew where to start and what to write.

I can help you manage your time so that you can start and finish that dissertation without feeling overwhelmed and overworked.

I have outlined some information that may be helpful to you right now. Look around and if you want more personalized, one-on-one help we can schedule a complimentary 30-minute strategy session to discuss if and how we can work together. 

30-Minute Strategy Session

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